Beginning with the very first, very mesmerizing clip of Kelly Slater surfing his Lemoore-based artificial wave, the majority of salvos in the wave pool arms race have been launched via Instagram. From Slater's subsequent announcement of another Kelly Slater Wave Pool in his native Florida to the Barefoot Ski Resort Cable Park dropping a glimpse of its own wave during the first day of The Founders’ Cup, the social media feeds of those in the trenches are where news from the frontlines is first reported.

As was the case on Friday, when the newly enlisted Kalani Robb lobbed the little grenade seen below.

The short video, which shows BSR wave pool architect Cheyne Magnusson pacing off a concrete structure in front of what appears to be a waterpark, carried the location tag "Palm Springs, California" and used a caption to announce "Yes @redtide83 [Cheyne Magnusson] & I own a wavepool and Yes u are all invited" to the Hawaiian's more than 130K followers.

While not many people's ideal locale for a wave pool (as indicated from many of the comments on Robb's post), Palm Springs, which is roughly two hours east of Los Angeles, makes at least as much sense as Lemoore, CA or Waco or Austin, TX for that matter. The pool the duo plans to refurbish is at Palm Springs’ Wet ‘n Wild waterpark and also, apparently, is the same one where the fictional Rick Kane won $500 in the 1987 film “North Shore”. Aside from the location and that unique bit of trivia, however, few other details have emerged about Robb's and Magnusson's new pool, as the duo has remained tight-lipped in interviews with other outlets, citing an investor-urged information embargo. Magnusson did tell Beachgrit's Derek Reilly that he is no longer involved with American Wave Machines, putting to rest any rumors that this new pool will use technology identical to that of Waco's BSR.

Further details are expected in the coming months. We'll keep you posted when the next shots are fired.

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