Surf-A-Palooza: Jan 3-10 2003

Disturbing, nevertheless upbeat news regarding Larry “Flame” Moore, legendary photo editor at our 30-plus year adversary, Surfing magazine. On New Years Eve doctors discovered a tumor in Larry’s head. Thankfully, doctor’s are optimistic about Larry’s full recovery, and surgery has been scheduled. Larry Moore has touched thousands of surfers the world over with his imagery and imagination. Our hearts and prayers are with Larry and his family as they go through this tough time.

The North Shore: an international surf scene fish bowl. I ran into a number of friends, associates, and acquaintances during my stay in Hawaii the last two months of the year. At Rocky Point one warm sunny morning I chatted with Ira Opper of Surf Some of you may also know Ira as the producer of the fabulous Surfer’s Journal Biography video series. Opper mentioned an upcoming documentary with famous Surfer magazine, Rolling Stone magazine and pop culture icon/artist/cartoonist Rick Griffin as the subject. Griffin’s life was unique in a number of ways that you may not know about, so stay tuned for this one.

Also hung out with Quiksilver Australia’s Kirk Wilcox who was claiming, on the those ‘tweener’ days, when the swell was either waning or rising, that the Monster Mush right-hander was as good as he’s ever surfed it.

The Keiki Beach Bungalows was once again my home away from home. While there I shared some time with the movie crew (stars and blue collar alike) of The Big Bounce. Here’s my scoop: Morgan Freeman likes sprouts on his turkey sandwiches, and his bread toasted. I thought this was big news, but apparently the National Enquirer didn’t bite.

Mike Latronic and Erik Ippel were very busy clicking away for their labor of love, Hawaii’s own homegrown magazine/TV show Board Stories. Check it out when you’re in Hawaii. And if you are interested in distributing the mag on the mainland, get a hold of Latronic via the website: