Surf-A-Palooza: Jan 17-24

Escalara NOT-ica: Scorpion Bay, Canoas, Colonett, and San Quintin saved! Surf-A-Palooza has learned that Scorpion Bay and other classic Baja surf spots will not be affected by the construction of large breakwalls, as was first planned. Serge Dedina, of Wild Coast, an international conservation group, received verbal confirmation of this change in plans from a big time Mexican government official during a nationally aired Mexican radio program. An in-depth report will be filed on this website next week. Look for Chris Dixon’s “One World” report.

Jimmy Page on a Surfboard: Skate legend Stacy Peralta has written a new movie based on the Z-Boys of Dog Town fame. David Fincher is set to direct (Seven, Panic Room). The monumental task of recreating the infamous POP pier may prove to be more difficult than draining a pool.

Hyp-errr-bole: The last few weeks have offered those of us here in California with an abundance of epic surf. Now “epic” is word that gets over used (with yours truly being the biggest offender). However in the context of this onslaught of swell, wind and weather conditions, I’m confident that I’ve finally used the word without the worry of being fingerprinted by the hyperbole police.

Ctenocephalides Canis: Case in point, Mavericks. Although not huge, the offshore conditions that swept the state in early January blessed the notorious big wave spot. Some Mavs regulars will tell you that Mavs actually gets better when it is slightly onshore, as it’s a bit easier to get into. But with the Mavs crew towing-in on the aforementioned offshore days, performance levels were again pushed. Be sure to check out the video on this site of Flea getting pitted. I’ve studied this ride in slow-mo, frame-by-frame, and regular speed. No one has ridden Mavericks more perfectly. With intrinsic knowledge and deep purpose, the West Sides own paints the entire canvas with long, smooth arcs, employing fades, bottom turns, top turns and finishes with a climaxing tube ride. Special thanks to Eric Nelson and Curt Meyers of Mav and Powerlines Productions. The multi-angle shots from these clips are fabulous, with special kudos going out to Meyers for the helicopter shots, a much needed change of pace from the standard boat and land angles.

Steaming Digital Pile of…: A pile of video is stacking up on my desk from the various epic sessions that went down across the golden state. A special ‘zona’ of beach peaks south of San Diego, and Moidsland to name a few. Speaking of the ‘crustacean caves’, a few unfortunate violent incidents have taken place in La Jolla of late. A guy who surfs on his belly did much more than just bruise the ego of one who stands. The good waves were apparently not enough.

Access Denied: Ze Lucio Cardim, who is apparently involved with the Tow-in World Cup, sent me a link to the official site. Please access to know everything about that event. You can find videos, pics, and info. The word is that the Brazilian organizers of said event are not too happy when you show up at Jaws with your video camera. Among the stories I’ve heard, a group of German tourists were allegedly berated by an official of the event. In broken english, the Brazilian official herded the pale-skinned elderly tourists back to their red rent-a-car, warning them as they scuttled backwards that their digi-cams would be confiscated if they didn’t stop filming. Maintaining the integrity of their event, I guess.