BLACK AND WHITE: For the past six years Erick Regnard and his twin brother Ian have been using black-and-white film to capture unique portraits of world-class surfers, high-profile personalities and world musicians. Their collection includes surfers Tom Carroll, Joel Tudor, Buffalo and Kahea Hart; international personalities Helena Christensen and music group Buena Vista Social Club among many others. But it was three years ago when a friend, looking through the photographs at the brothers’ Tungsten studios Down Under, suggested they edit these photos for worldwide exhibit. The project slowly evolved and the result, “On Unfavorable Days” presented by REEF, is now touring select locations around the world.

One objective of the exhibit is to convey the feeling of contentment. “Most of these photographs reflect happiness,” says Erick Regnard. “But it’s not as simple as just having the subjects smile. I go after a contented look. It is something deeper than just a smile. It’s a positive attitude that I go after. I try to wait for that moment to occur, and hopefully I can capture it.”

Although the title seems at first a bit contradictory, it stems from the brothers’ own knowledge of surfers and surfing, being born in Mauritius and spending their youth surfing the infamous Tamarin Bay. They realized early on that the best time to photograph portraits of surfers is when the waves are unfavorable.

The exhibit, which has already shown in Perth and finished up today in Hong Kong, has received wide acclaim.

“On Unfavorable Days” presented by REEF will be showing in New York City at the Edward Carter Gallery from June 6 to July 5.

  • Gallery Address:
  • 4th Floor, 560 Broadway
  • Soho
  • New York, NY 10012
  • 1 212 966 1933

YOGA PART DEUX: Peggy Hall is pimping her latest VHS effort Yoga for Surfers II Fluid Power Yoga. And coming soon from the limber Hall, YFS III Xtreme Yoga to help you stay fit, focused, and fearless! YFS III should be available late this year.