My Breasts Keeper: Paris Hilton and Koby Abberton in Nip Slippage Surf Demo

Photos of Australian ‘Bra Boy’ Koby Abberton giving surfing lessons to Paris Hilton have, surprise surprise, made their way on to the internet. The best (or worst) of these photos shows Paris, in an apparent wardrobe malfunction, in full nip slippage. It’s actually a new surf move, Paris is calling it a “Janet.”

These photos and the water cooler / message board furor they have caused is slightly amusing. These images’ real redeeming quality is that they helped push the overplayed ‘Goodwill Tour’ message board posts to the back of the pack.

What is interesting to us here at SURFER is how quickly Koby has made his way into Hollywood scene. Of course rolling with Russell Crowe helps. But there are little birdies telling us that Abberton’s documentary movie may be getting picked up as a major motion picture. This rumor, and that’s all it is, helps explain why Abberton is lingering around the jet set crowd and offering drop-in advice to newly ‘straightened out’ Paris.