Parker Coffin’s Innersection Summer Round Favorites

Parker gearing up for his debut. Photo: Glaser

Parker gearing up for his debut. Photo: Glaser

When the Summer Round began, Young Wise Tail creator/author Parker Coffin put aside blog posts and geometry homework to be SURFER's connoisseur. E-mails full of opinions began to pour in, though Parker claimed this Round was too hard to pick favorites. In the end though he narrowed it down and gave us his Top 5 picks for Round 3.

John Florence

John is surfing amazing in this video–huge tubes, big airs, and sick carves. I gave this video a 10, because the surfing was incredible in all kinds of waves, the editing flowed nice with the song, and the song is real music. No Techno weird sounds that give you a headache–classic music with real instruments. He has the “full package” people are always talking about. In my eyes if the part gets you pumped to surf, then it’s a good part.

Josh Kerr

He does messed up things. Airs that aren't meant to be pulled he pulls, and those reverse things are just out of this world. I gave this video an 8, because of just how good he is surfing throughout the whole video. It shows how much stuff Kerrzy can do that other people can't. The song was good, just not my favorite. I think the section lacked huge tubes at pipe and mysto slabs. Having waves like that could have brought his section up to a 9 or 10.

Pat Gudauskas

Super good all-around part. Started off with two big Mavs waves (something Pat G isn't known for doing) and then goes into the rest of the section. Huge airs, good Indo barrels, and big flips. I really like the whole map concept too–it's a really smart way to group clips of certain areas together so it doesn't look choppy. I didn't like the song at first, but as the video went on it grew on me. This video just needs more frontside combos. The backside combos at Lowers were legendary, and I just think it needs some more frontside combo clips to even it out. Overall, I really liked this section. I gave it a solid 9.

Clay Marzo

All you can really say about this video is “WOW.” It's hard for me to comprehend the stuff he does, because nobody else does it like he does. This video part is different than all of Clay's other ones, because this one shows him going right. However, I still think it needs more of him going right in big barrels. He has a few clips, but it needs more to make it into the 9-10 ratings. Also, not into the song–it's edited well to the song, but I just don't like it. It just seemed like the song didn't fit Clay as a person that much. I gave this video an 8.

Dillon Perillo

Dillon’s surfing is super well rounded. He has the big airs, effortless style, and good carves to compete among the best. My favorite clips in the whole section were the couple slob air-reverses. Those things are so hard and nobody does them that much. I thought the song was horrid personally. For how much Dillon flows in his surfing, he should of had a song that matched that. This song was just noise and no rhythm. I think it's good enough to make it into the movie, but not good enough to win overall. I gave it a 7.