Pat Gudauskas Pulls First Rodeo Clown In ASP Competition

Gudauskas Raises The Bar

Raising the bar. That's the idea behind competitive professional surfing, but all too often it seems contests serve as forums for conservatism and strategy. San Clemente's Pat Gudauskas shelved that idea a few days ago by successfully completing what many believe to be the first Rodeo Clown ever in an ASP event, The Sri Lankan Airlines Maldives Pro.

"I knew I needed a very solid score on that wave and as that final section approached I could see it lining up ideally so I focused on going for the rodeo, it was there to be done and I had to do it" said Gudauskas. "Riding out of it I was nervous as there were bumps to deal with and while the aerial rodeo was complete I had to ride free of the white water, it was a relief when I had realised the move was complete," added Gudauskas.

"It's a move I regularly practice and I'm really excited to be the first to achieve it at ASP level," Gudauskas said.

With a new door firmly busted down, both surfers and spectators alike will be frothing for more progression in its proper place.

Watch the video below.