Don’t matter if it’s a Patagonia suit or a competing label. Patagonia’s Worn Wear Tour will now repair any wetsuit you may own, for absolutely zero dollars. Zero. Got a ripped seam? Failing tape? Stuck zipper? They’d be happy to fix all that. There is no catch. No fine print. Just show up at one of the below locations with your dry-as-a-bone wetsuit and they’ll get you sorted.


Well, since 2013 Patagonia has been trucking around the country fixing gear. They now sell used gear and apparel through their Worn Wear website–they’ll even buy back your old Patagonia clothes in the form of store credit. Patagonia is serious about keeping usable clothes and gear out of landfills, which is where most wetsuits end up once they spring a leak somewhere. This is the same company who made a name for themselves with the “Don’t Buy This Jacket” notification/ad they took out in the New York Times back in 2011. They want to sell you outdoors gear, but only the stuff you actually need.

Anyway, if you’re near one of their repair stops, cruise out, get an old suit fixed up, keep cherished memories implanted in that neoprene alive and keep a suit out of a landfill for at least another couple years. You may meet a new lifelong friend while waiting for your suit. Maybe fall in love. Twenty years later, you’ll be reminiscing as your kids graduate from high school about the time you met the love of your life while getting the crotch sewn up in your fave 4/3.

How could you afford to miss this? Don’t take that chance.

Oh, and they’ll be fixing up clothes too. Dates and locations are right below these very words.

June 16 & 17

Long Beach Surf Shop, Tofino, BC

12pm – 5pm

June 23 & 24

La Push Surf Beach, Washington

12pm – 5pm

June 30 & July 1

Cleanline Surf, Seaside, Oregon

12pm – 5pm

July 2 & 3

Moment Surf Company, Pacific City, Oregon

12pm – 5pm

July 10 & 11

Proof Lab Surf Shop, Mill Valley, California

12pm – 5pm

July 13 & 14

Patagonia Outlet, Santa Cruz, California

12pm – 5pm

July 18 & 19

Patagonia, Cardiff, California

12pm – 5pm