Cristobal de Col's fluid and powerful surfing clenched his victory in the Under 18 Boys Division. Photo: ISA/Marotta

After five years of Australian domination in the ISA World Junior Championships, the best young surfers representing Peru were able to claim the 2011 title in their local waters. The final day of the event was held in dumpy, yet consistently rippable, head-high rights at Caballeros, where the more powerful young surfers fared best.

The local crowd on the beach was ecstatic to welcome Under 18 Boys Division Champion and Peruvian prodigy Cristobal de Col onto the podium. De Col found a rhythm on the bigger sets that was unmatched, and he proved that despite growing up in the land of lefts, he's just as dangerous surfing rights on his backhand as he is on his forehand. "Many people told me this was my tournament and I felt it inside, I even dreamed about it, and now here I am," said de Col. "I've surfed all my life; it's my source of fun and I know this is just the beginning of everything. This Gold is historic for my country and I'm happy for the teamwork we showed in the last days."

Peru was well represented in both men's divisions with de Col being joined in the final by fellow countryman Miguel Tudela, and both Joaquín del Castillo and Juninho Urcia making the Under 16 Boys Division Final. But it was Brazilian Felipe Toledo who took the Under 16 win with his aptitude for aerials in the heavy Caballeros sections. Although the final scores were incredibly close, Toledo left South African standout Dylan Lightfoot unable to offer a rebuttal to the Brazilian's aerial attack before the final horn.

The only division that the Peruvians did not make a final appearance was the Under 18 Girls, where French surfer Cannelle Bulard beat out South African contest machine Bianca Buitendag. In her last year competing in the Under 18 Division, Bulard earned nods from the judges with fluid backhand surfing in the heavy rights.

Team Results:
Gold: Peru
Silver: South Africa
Bronze: Australia
Copper: Hawaii

Under 18 Boys Final Results:
Gold: Cristobal de Col (PER)
Silver: Vasco Ribeiro (POR)
Bronze: Davey Brand (RSA)
Copper: Miguel Tudela (PER)

Girls Under 18 Final Results:
Gold: Canelle Bulard (FRA)
Silver: Bianca Buitendag (RSA)
Bronze: Nikki Van Dijk (AUS)
Copper: Codie Klein (AUS)

Under 16 Boys Final Results:
Gold: Filipe Toledo (BRA)
Silver: Dylan Lightfoot (RSA)
Bronze: Joaquín del Castillo (PER)
Copper: Juninho Urcia (PER)

Final Team Standings:
1. Peru (5123)
2. South Africa (4860)
3. Australia (4651)
4. Hawaii (4546)
5. USA (4164)
6. France (4113)
7. Brazil (4060)
8. Portugal (3505)
9. Tahiti (3393)
10. New Zealand (2810)
11. UK (2640)
12. Costa Rica (2505)
13. Japan (2357)
14. Argentina (2198)
15. Barbados (2128)
16. Ecuador (2034)
17. Mexico (1910)
18. Venezuela (1736)
19. Chile (1652)
20. Germany (1649)
21. Ireland (1488)
22. Puerto Rico (1390)
23. Uruguay (1156)
24. Jamaica (1064)
25. Italy (960)
26. Guatemala (652)
27. Morocco (340)