The Canadian wonder Pete Devries surfs better in 10 pounds of ice encrusted rubber than most ever will in trunks. Photo: Burkard

For the second year in a row, British Columbian Peter Devries (and his filmers/editors Jeremy Koreski and Adam Chilton) have qualified for Taylor Steele's Innersection project with a submission featuring a healthy dose of coldwater shredding. Here he discusses the secret to a good part, how his wife coaxed him into submitting it, and what he'd do with $100K.

This is two wins for you now. Is there a secret formula to creating a winning Innersection submission?

There are so many different ways you can go about putting together an entry. That's the thing about online voting. Everyone has a different opinion about what is good. Music is so subjective, as is surfing and filmmaking. For me personally it comes down to good surfing, but a good balance between everything is what you want.

You've worked with Adam and Jeremy on both submissions, and you've been shooting with Koreski for a long time. How do you guys decide to focus on getting clips instead of shooting photos, and vice versa?

Photos versus video is always a dilemma. It makes it a lot easier for Jeremy to shoot photos when Adam is filming, but I'd say most of the time it comes down to lighting. If the sun is out, which it rarely is up here, we always shoot photos. Photos are a lot more lucrative as well, so that's another factor.

It must be cool to be able to do something like Innersection and know that you can build a really strong submission without even leaving home.

Yeah, that's the luxury of living somewhere a little different that hasn't been seen too much in video before. It's funny, I wasn't even going to enter this year, because we didn't get as good of waves as our previous part. My wife, Lisa, was the one who actually got the ball rolling for the entry. She got me fired up to go through all our clips that were just sitting around to see if we had enough. I picked the song and did a little 2:30 edit of just surf clips and sent it to Jeremy and Adam. They were into it once they saw it a little more together. Then we came up with the intro and Adam went to work on the edit.

What are you hoping to do to build your final submission?

For the final I obviously want to get some banger surf clips so I'm hoping we have an early start to the fall season. We have a few trips planned in our area to some different waves that haven't been seen much. Aside from that, a new song and different vibe might be in store as well. I haven't talked final product with Jeremy and Adam yet so we'll see what we come up with. I just want summer to be over so we can get some swell.

How would winning $100K change your life? And what would you do with it—maybe go surf somewhere in trunks?

A hundred grand would be huge! I've got a family, and a mortgage, so money is always needed. I'm sure Adam and Jeremy have a use for some of that too. I would definitely be into going on a long vacation with the family somewhere warm, and doing some other surf trips as well.