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About the Producer:
Josh Pomer respected surf-film maker, 1992 Santa Cruz High graduate and 98′ UCSB Film Studies Graduate, has created The Kill series. TK1 was named one of the ten most influential surf videos of the last decade. TK5 is coming out at the end of June, 2001. He has also created the surf videos Punk Rock Surfers, Bliss, See It To Belive It, The M10 Movie, Cheap Thrills, and his first movie Thunderballs. Josh is inspired by creative surfing and powerful surfing, as well as music and the ocean. His favorite surfers are Kelly Slater, Occy, Tom Curren and Ratboy. produces its video clips using Quicktime Pro. Need QuickTime? Click here to download your free Quicktime 5.0 player.

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Week of July 21: The Adventures of Wardo

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