Project SOS Aims to Raise Awareness

Tanna Frederick is the event organizer for the Project SOS Surf-a-thon. Frederick’s organized the event to raise money for the non-profit organization Oceana. Oceana campaigns globally to protect and restore the world’s oceans. Besides being a surfer and ocean lover, Tanna is a rising star in Hollywood.She won’t admit it, but she can probably kick your ass too, as she is a champion Tae Kwon Do practitioner. We caught up with Tanna recently to discuss her cause, Oceana and Project SOS.

SURFER: Surfers and people outside of Hollywood circles may not know you. Are you famous?
TANNA FREDERICK:Uh, no, not really. I've done a series of independent films and one of them Hollywood Dreams has really pushed my career forward. I'm not really a huge star.

SURFER: How did you get involved with surfing?
TANNA FREDERICK: I just started three years ago. I caught my first wave and was hooked. I can't imagine my life without it. I never stop feeling a privileged when I go out there and too have the opportunity to be in the ocean. The duality of aggression and passivity. It holds both of those in spades. You can be insignificant very quickly and it also gives me confidence on a daily basis. Which you need in this town, there is a lot of rejection.

SURFER: How did you get involved in Project SOS?
TANNA FREDERICK: I'm sick of surfing amongst the trash and filth. I did a surf-a-thon previously for Oceana and last year I said, "What can I do right now to help?" So a friend of mine and I decided to have a surf-a-thon. Project Save Our Surf or Project SOS is the result. Of course it really helps to have Shaun Tomson attach his name to the event. He is really something, and when he is involved it gets the entire surf industry and the entire community involved and excited.

SURFER: Project SOS is really your baby though.
TANNA FREDERICK: Yeah. I'm really proud of it. It's been inspiring to see the support during the economic downturn and economic instability. People are looking for change and for something to involve themselves in that equates with hope. A lot of people told me it wasn't a good time to do this, but I just kept going. It's been really nice to see that peoples' heads aren't in the dismal space, their hearts are in a good place.

SURFER: Can anyone be a part of the Project SOS Surf-a-thon?
TANNA FREDERICK: Yeah, anybody can be involved. There is no donation or fiscal requirement just show up and bring your good energy. You can of course get people to sponsor you. But I'm really focusing on awareness. Oceana is a great organization and I want tot raise the awareness of Oceana and Project SOS.

SURFER: When exactly is the Project SOS Surf-a-thon.
TANNA FREDERICK: It's Sunday April 5th Ocean Park beach in Santa Monica between lifeguard station 27 & 28. That's when the surf-a-thon takes place. There are two components to this event. The surf-a-thon and the Celebrity Gala. The Celebrity Gala takes place at Shutters on the Beach Sunday night, April 5th, from 6pm – 10 pm. Tom Curren will play some music. A great auction and raffle prizes too, so it should be really fun.To register to surf log on to Tickets for the Celebrity Gala* are $100 per person and can be purchased by calling 310-271-0202