CAMPFIRE CALLS: Jordy Smith & South African CTers Call Out Picks For Tahiti

After scoring some of the best waves ever surfed on the east coast of Africa (look out for full coverage in an upcoming issue of SURFER), South Africa's four WCT campaigners, Jordy Smith, Travis Logie, Royden Bryson and Ricky Basnett, sat down around the campfire to discuss the Billabong Pro, Tahiti. Here are their thoughts on who to look out for at Chopes.

Take these guys advice, and update your Fantasy Surfer teams!

Who are the top Fantasy Surfer picks for Teahupoo?

Travis: Damien Hobgood would be at the top of list. It's a pity he's injured because he would be a sure pick.
Ricky Basnett: Bobby Martinez.
Royden Bryson: I reckon the two Irons brother and C.J.
Travis Logie: C.J., Andy and Bruce. Kelly of course, and Kai Otton, because he's effing good out there.
Royden: For the cheaper picks I reckon you should put Rossi (Daniel Ross) and Bottle (Jay Thompson) in your team.
Ricky: Adrian Buchan.
Travis: You need to watch the swell charts too, because if its small its better for goofyfooters. If there is swell its way better for naturalfooters. It depends who the naturalfooter are though. Some of them can't operate that place.

Who’s going to win it?

Travis: It’s about time Bruce Irons performed there.
Jordy: I don't know. I've never been there bru.

Surfer: C'mon, make a call bru.

Jordy: Well hopefully it'll be me, but…

Would it be wise to pick you guys?

Ricky: Not by the way we're going so far!
Travis: I've had some really good heats there, but never any really good results. Just really good heats. You just got to string them all together.
Jordy: You never really know how anyone is going to go there. It could be so different to what you're expecting.
Travis: That's the beauty of Fantasy Surfer.
Jordy: It is.


Travis: Kai Otton and Adrian Buchan are two good underdogs. Brys (Royden Bryson) will be good out there too.

Surfer: You going to make it to Chopes this year Brys?

Royden: Oh ya, I put my application for my Visa in 2 months early this year. I'm frothing.

What about the local wildcards?

Travis: I think it needs to be really big for those guys to have a huge impact.

Any insider trading for Fantasy Surfer players?

Royden: What about Parko? Parko can ride a backhand barrel…
Jordy: Mick, bru!
Travis: Dean Morrison! Oh my, Dingo can ride a backhand barrel of note.
Royden: Ya, Dean Morrison, he's got mad skills. He's got that whole ten foot backhand barrel thing down.
Travis: A lot of people wont pick that guy either. They wont pick him for Chopes but I promise you that guy can ride the backhand barrel. Do you remember him at Chile. Oh my god that was mind blowing. He smoked Slater there.

Who else?

Rick: Freddy P. got a second at Teahupoo.
Jordy: You know what, I'm going to throw it out there and say Jay Thompson. Jay goes so hard.
Travis: Rossy goes pretty hard too.
Jordy: But I suppose its not going to be the guy who is going the hardest…
Travis: No, it's the guy that's going to come out the barrel. But if its perfect, you'll struggle not to make it out.

Do you guys look forward to this stop, or is just plain intimidating?

Travis: Ah you always look forward to it, but you're also relieved when its over.
Jordy: Ya, I'm frothing. Even if it is just to see what its all about.
Royden: I can't comment, I haven't been there, but I'm really excited.
Ricky: Amped, its gonna be sick.