The Qualifiers

Welcome to the World Tour


With his second-place finish at Sunset, Dusty Payne along with nine other ‘QS surfers, will step onto the World Tour next year. Photo: ASP

The final hurdle in the road to qualification was crossed today at Sunset Beach, introducing a wealth of new surfers onto the World Tour. Of the 10 surfers that will be stepping into surfing's upper echelon, the drama tied to Dusty Payne’s Triple Crown journey is unparalleled. After returning to form this winter following a slew of injuries, you'll recall that Dusty recently won at Haleiwa. In the wake of his victory there, it appeared that Dusty could potentially qualify again for the Tour. It was a long shot, sure, but technically it was possible. All Dusty needed to do was put on a massive showing at Sunset. And that’s precisely what he did today. Not only did the Maui native finish Sunset with a strong second-place showing today, it’s been confirmed that in doing so, he also qualified for the World Tour. If that wasn’t enough, due to an injury replacement (CJ Hobgood won’t be competing at Pipe) he’ll be surfing in the Pipe Masters as well.

In addition to Dusty, the following nine surfers have mostly likely accrued enough points to solidify their new positions on the World Tour. “Assuming Toledo, Adriano and Jody hold their Top-22 CT spots, which is sort of a given with their current rankings,” said the ASP’s Al Hunt, “the ‘QS Top 10 [who move onto the World Tour] will be:

  • Banting, Matt AUS
  • Wilson, Julian AUS
  • Dantas, Wiggolly BRA
  • Andre, Jadson BRA
  • Melling, Adam AUS
  • Ferreira, Italo BRA
  • Wilkinson, Matt AUS
  • Asing, Keanu HAW
  • Flores, Jeremy FRA
  • Payne, Dusty HAW

“As long as Julian Wilson and Jadson Andre hold their current Top-22 spots [on the World Tour] Brett Simpson and Ricardo Christie will take 9th and 10th QS spot.”