Quik Cuts

Industry Giant Eliminates Sister Brands, Culls Surf Teams

Kelly Slater, among the few guaranteed to stay on the Quik roster. Photo: Joli

The surf world has been ripe with rumors of massive cuts and changes occurring at Quiksilver. Recently, news broke that serious changes to the brand's surf team had taken effect and that the company had chosen to close down a number of its sister brands, including VSTR, Quiksilver Women, and Quiksilver Girls. DC, which is also owned by Quik, no longer has a surf team. Changes were made to the skate, snow, and BMX segments of the aforementioned brands as well. All of this information has been confirmed via a memo sent out yesterday to Quiksilver employees from the company's new CEO, Andy Mooney.

In the memo, Quik founder Bob McKnight and Mooney (Mooney took over as CEO from founder Bob McKnight in January of this year) stated that the cuts were needed to bring a focus back to Quiksilver's core brands, which include Roxy, DC, and Quiksilver.

"We must focus on our key brands, key athletes and key categories in order to compete and grow," wrote Mooney. "Within these brands we must further focus. To that end, we have made the decision that Quiksilver and Roxy should exit the skate category and that DC should exit the surf category."

Mooney went onto to discuss the discontinuation of the VSTR line, which Kelly Slater helped shape, and announce that the management of Dane Reynolds' Summer Teeth line will be passed back to Reynolds, who started the brand.

Perhaps some of the more foggy issues involved in the company's shake up include which team members had received pink slips. Quiksilver would not comment directly on the matter but SURFER can confirm that large cuts had occurred or were underway within the surf team.

The website SurfEurope is reporting that Quik EU boss, Pierre Agnes, has stated that, "There will be no immediate cuts to our teams in Europe." While the plight of many Quik athletes remains unknown, New York's Balaram Stack has confirmed that he was one of the athletes to be let go.

"Over the past year or so there have been cuts everywhere and for the most part I survived them all until a few days ago when I got a call from my team manager [letting me know the news]," said Stack, who was shocked to hear the news.

Stack went on to say that he believes that many team members are uncertain about their future with the company.

In the memo Mooney released to the brand, he acknowledged the cuts, but stated that they were needed to refocus their efforts for other athletes.

"Over the last few weeks, we reduced the number of athletes under contract. This was done to free up resources to tell the world about the many great athletes we work with," Mooney wrote. "Quiksilver for example will continue to have 130 pro surf riders on its team. Going forward, we have the opportunity to tell people how great those athletes really are."

The news of the changes come at an odd time for the company as Quiksilver is just days away from the beginning of the holding period for the Quik Pro at Snapper.