Quik Pro: Worth the Hype

Shea Lopez's last-minute effort to be a part of the Quik Pro New York

To see photos from Day 3 click here.

Hurricane season, more specifically September, is the only month of the year that I’m completely comfortable with staying put on the East Coast. At times, we have multiple swell sources bringing swell to every wave starved corner of the North West Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Of all the nooks and crannies that comes to life this time of year,one of the best is Long Island and Northern Jersey. And hurricane Katia plans to rock both tomorrow.

A few hours ago I came in from day 4 of overhead swell behind my house to watch the Quik Pro NY. All the action had me frothing like I was a grommet, it was awesome! So awesome, that after witnessing Slater and Kerr’s fireworks in their round 4 heat, I got my butt to the airport in a hurry. Because as much fun as the surf outside my house has been, I needed to get up to New York and be a part of the greatest East Coast contest ever run (plus, make my own NY dream come true--score some sick pits).

Until now the surf has been average in size, but perfect in shape and wind for performing massive airs. Turn on the webcast at 7am tomorrow and you should see very different face to the NY line up. After hyping up this moment for what feels like a month now, the fact that it may all come together perfectly is exactly why Quiksilver exhaustingly, miraculously put so much effort into bringing this event here. I'm sure they are hoping that their very own Kelly Slater can hold up a check for 300,000 in the middle of times square. That may well be the case, but he'll have to get past Josh Kerr in their quarterfinal heat tomorrow.