2006 Quiksilver Pro France

Easily the form surfer of the event – the eighth on the Foster's ASP Men's World Tour – Parkinson put on a tremendous display in the final to defeat his good friend in fellow Australian Mick Fanning.

While Parkinson scored a total of 15.17 to Fanning's 7.67, both surfers were heavily fatigued in the encounter as they had to battle a current that kept dragging them out of position.

Foster's ASP World Tour Top 10

Ratings after Event #8

1. Kelly Slater 7017
2. Taj Burrow 5968
3. Andy Irons 5841
4. Joel Parkinson 5584
5. Mick Fanning 5341
6. Taylor Knox 4880
7. Bobby Martinez 4868
8. Damien Hobgood 4777
9. Tim Reyes 4585
10. Tom Whitaker 4441

And while Fanning struggled to find the right spot in the lineup Parkinson excelled grabbing one ride in particular that had the hugely vocal crowd on their feet when he locked in an 8.83.

On the wave he managed to score a double tube and then follow that up with a huge air.

From there the trophy was his as Fanning failed to lock in a solid score.

"I had one of those days where I always felt like I'd do well," said Parkinson. "I picked a couple of really good waves and surprised myself. I knew that once I was on my wave my surfing would be really good. I guess I was in the rhythm today."

Suddenly Parkinson is within reach of a world title, and as a result his ambitions have changed.