Quiksilver California Cup: Game Week Ventura

Ventura Pelicanos take Los Angeles to the cleaners in Game

Ventura, CA Seaside Park, C- Street: 12:00 p.m. May 4th,
2005 ? Ventura Pelicanos continued their new found winning
streak defeating the Los Angeles Arc Angels by an unheard
of 31 points in Game 2 of the Ventura Pelicanos Game Week
series, Ventura:98.75 ? Los Angeles: 67.75. Ventura
showed momentum in the first quarter capitalizing on Los
Angeles? weak first quarter and continued to defeat Los
Angeles before the Pelicanos entered the bottom of the 4th

Wave conditions were challenging however shoulder to head
high sets gave both teams opportunities to score high
scores as well as missed opportunities. Ventura opted for
Los Angeles to surf first, proving to be a strategic move
as the Arc Angels amassed a weak score of 14.75.
Ventura’s first quarter group included standout waves
from Dane Reynolds and Keith Malloy with Dane delivering
big aggressive turns followed by two snaps utilizing the
entire wave for a score of 8.25. Ventura?s first quarter
score of 23 points led LA by 8.25 points.

The gap between Ventura and Los Angeles continued as the
Pelicanos scored another 23 point quarter score in the
second quarter. LA could not focus as they ended their
second quarter with another sub 20 point quarter of 16.75
points. Ventura’s Hank Mills and Nathaniel Curran led
their group with Curran opening with fluid turns followed
by a huge speed floater, one of the longest waves of the
game for an 8.0 score. By half time, Ventura increased
their lead by 14.5 points, Ventura: 71.75 ? LA: 47.5.

Los Angeles’s 3rd quarter of 16 points continued the sub
20 point quarter scores seen before half time with a
cumulative score of 47.5. Ventura cranked all cylinders
with a 25.75 quarter knowing that if LA couldn?t make a
move at this point in the game, it was going to be a
guaranteed win. The Pelicanos’ Keith Malloy showed his
power on an 8.0 wave while Nick Rosza?s 7.25 on a clean
righthander pushed Ventura to a 71.75 cumulative score and
a massive 24.25 lead over Los Angeles.

Los Angeles failed in the 4th quarter to surpass Ventura’s
3 quarter cumulative score even though the group broke the
20 point quarter mark for the first time in the game with
a 20.25 fourth quarter. Before Ventura stepped into their
fourth quarter, Ventura defeated Los Angeles by 4 points,
71.75-67.75. Due to winning margin points, in the event
of a tie for championship slots, Ventura continued to post
scores in the fourth quarter with Timmy Curran posting a
9.75, the highest score in the entire season. Ventura?s
final score was 98.75 to Los Angeles? 67.75 and a winning
margin of 31 points.

Game 3 of the Ventura Pelicano Game series continues today
at 2 p.m. between the Pelicanos and the Orange County
Octopus. Call the NSL update line at 1-877-423-1803 for
the latest news and scores

Ventura Pelicanos earn first win defeating San Diego

C-Street, Ventura, CA, Tuesday, May 3rd – The talent stacked Ventura Pelicanos defeated the San Diego Sea Lions on home turf ending a losing streak lasting throughout the 2005 Quiksilver California Cup regular season. Hungry for a win in front of weekday spectators, the Pelicanos opened up their first quarter with one of the most explosive opening quarters in the NSL history. The San Diego Sea Lions would be unable to make ground as the gaping lead continued with the Pelicanos defeating the Sea Lions, VC: 106.25 – SD: 96.25 .

In an unusual decision early Tuesday morning, Ventura Coach Davey Smith opted for the scheduled morning game to be postponed till 2 p.m.. With a low tide push, wave conditions looked pretty dire by the afternoon, however some sets were chest to head high. Ventura chose to surf second, forcing the visiting Sea Lions to send out their first quarter group in challenging wave conditions. With Taylor Knox away, SD’s first quarter group led by Zach Keenan followed by teammates Daryl Goodrum, Austin Ware and Dean Randazzo delivered a respectable 24.25 quarter score. Ventura’s incredible first quarter set the momentum for the rest of the game as Timmy Curran boosted an insane frontside 360 in addition to 3 decent maneuvers prior, scoring a 9.25. Meanwhile Timmy’s younger brother Nathaniel Curran scored a 8.25 along with solid scores from Adam Virs (7.0) and Jeremy Ryan (6.25) for a first quarter score of 31 points.

By half time Ventura led San Diego by 7.75 points, VC: 55.5 to SD: 47.5. Rob Machado’s three critical snaps scored a 9.0 however SD’s second quarter score of 23.5 still had the Sea Lions trailing Ventura. Dane Reynold’s 8.75 came close to matching Machado’s score as both teams were within a point of each others second quarter score. In the 3rd quarter, Ventura continued to turn up the heat with waves from Jeremy Ryan(7.25) and Nathaniel Curran’s (8.75) by posting a 25.75 point quarter while SD struggled with a 21.5 quarter setting back the Sea Lions 12 points from the Pelicanos (VC: 81.25 – SD 69.25). San Diego’s 4th quarter group included Machado, Sherwin, Marceron and Kyle Knox. After posting a 9.0 earlier, Machado delivered a powerful 8.5 along with Kyle Knox’s 9.0 ride late in the quarter, “Kyle blew up” said an impressed Machado after an explosive 27 point final quarter and a cumulative score of 96.25. Ventura only needed a 16 point quarter to defeat San Diego, h!

However with dire wave conditions the San Diego bench continued to cross their fingers. Keith Malloy opened up the final Ventura quarter with a blow out 7.25, making up half of what the Pelicanos needed. With Nick Rosza’s 5.25 and a score from Dane Reynolds, Keoni Cuccia’s 4.5 sent the Pelicanos to their first win. In a symbolic gesture, two dozen Pelicans flew over the surfers as the local Ventura crowd cheered on. Ventura defeated San Diego (VC: 106.25 – SD: 96.25).

Game 2 and 3 will continue today in a double header with the Ventura Pelicanos taking on the Los Angeles Arc Angels and the Orange County Octopus. Game 2 will begin at 9 a.m. and Game 3 will commence at a tentative 2 p.m. start. Please call 1-877-423-1803 or go to www.nslgame.com for more updates.