It’s been a Mai Tai of a swell so far. Add one part onshore wind, one part pissing rain, and one part changing swell maps and you have the recipe for what is the largest swell to hit Fiji since the iconic Code Red swell that graced the outer reef in 2012 during the Volcom Fiji Pro. But by no means was this swell even remotely as consistent. Hour-long windows have left a sea of surfers boat side in the channel waiting for better conditions.

But the forecast was enough for Kelly Slater (seen paddling into a mega-wave in the clip below), and dozens of other hard-charging hellmen, to hop on a flight to Fiji for a shot at partaking in some very serious XXL glory.

Dane Gudauskas was insane enough to paddle into one of the first waves yesterday morning, before PWC took over the lineup for a sesh, allowing for a couple whip-ins including this oversized beast, claimed by Ramon Navarro.

Also out in the lineup was young North Shore Oahu local Luke Shepardson, whose affinity for all things big and slabby has brought him from one tiny island to another. Shepardson slotted himself in a barrel (press play below) that will likely be talked about for months to come.

Stay tuned, as we continue to bring you coverage from the channel over the next 48 hours.