— The Boost Mobile Pro presented by HURLEY will go down in the ASP annals as milestone event. Performance levels weren’t just raised, they were shattered. Especially in rounds 1-4, where we witnessed free surfing bravado and panache within the ASPs competitive format. Brett Simpson, Yadin Nichol, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Joel Parkinson & Kelly Slater all took to the air with controlled, functional moves that helped us re-interpret they way lines can be drawn on–and off– of a wave face. These moves took place during make it or break it, outside section, first or second turn opportunites– not on the inside cobblestone section. Will we see the same sort of performance bending action in Europe? Let’s hope so.

My heart goes out to Taj Burrow who surfed brilliantly throughout. Many of you have been edged out at your local glazed doughnut, black coffee & fog horn affair. Now, multiple that feeling by 1000. Some have suggested that Taj was ripped off, that Kelly was overscored. I urge you to go check the finals video. Kelly’s surfing; he is Baryshnikov on fiberglass. His arcs cover more area, his style more polished, his surfing stronger. Most importantly, Kelly’s surfing possesses a casual unpredictability.

— I hope some of you caught the exquisite surfboard exhibit put together by Royce Cansler and the good folks at Billabong. It was called “The Art of Shaping” and it featured beautiful hand shaped beauties from Hawaiian craftsman such as Rawson, Griffin, Parrish, Pang, Minami, Carper, Lopez and many others(18 total), including the master himself, Dick Brewer — SACRED CRAFT indeed! The boards were auctioned off for charitable causes and no doubt Mr. Naude added to his fine collection. It’s too bad they didn’t let the masses have an up-close look. Those fine boards deserve to be seen by many, not just a few. For a peek check out this link by clicking here.

Along those same lines, HANSEN BOARDROOM is presenting a classy lineup of boards at the Craftsman Expression Session for Charity during the SACRED CRAFT Consumer Surfboard Expo. Danny Hess, Gary Hanel, Matt Biolos, Jim Phillips, Dave Daum, Craig Hollingsworth & Stu Kenson are participating. All proceeds benefit the charity of the shapers choice. The boards will be available for all to see and bid on at SACRED CRAFT and at HANSEN’s.

— A frenzy of shark incidents has hit Hawaiian news wire. The hard news is that surfer Todd Murashige had his right leg munched upon by Tiger shark near Couching Lion. This incident was preceeded by a slew of Big Island shark sightings and subsequent beach closures. Before all of this a Great White was purported to have eaten a late night swimmer on the Kohala coastline. State experts are characterizing the shark increase as ‘the biggest influx (of shark sightings) in a long time. Beaches from Hapuna to Waialea bay closed for six straight days last week.
According to a weekend Honolulu Advertiser story, last Thursday, September 11, a 10-to-12 foot tiger shark off Laniakea and Chuns Reef kept lifeguards busy pulling people out of the water. No one there was hurt. Sharks: they live in the ocean. Be careful.

— A petition that is worth your time and your signature can be found over at http://www.surfers-against-airline-fees.com. Surfers are being singled out for excess baggage fees. Golfers, whose clubs weigh more than our boards, don’t get taxed. I think they should tax fat people. Weight is what costs the airlines money in added fuel cost. Weigh people at the ticket counter. If you are overweight, you must pay.