Red Bull Big Wave Africa

Yep, it’s true…

The Red Bull Big Wave Africa featured a select group of the world’s best big wave chargers (including Burle, Horan, Sterling, Paterson, Washburn and a host of local invitees) spending 20 days in Cape Town to challenge Dungeons, the biggest and most radical surf break on the African continent…

The final was a bruising one hour heat, with the waves backing off a little bit and moderating to the 15 foot range with the odd 18 foot set. John Whittle started off the mullet fiesta with a deep bomb behind the peak, and successfully navigated the avalanche. Carlos and Greg caught a lot of waves early on, then Jamie Sterling started to play catch-up dropping in deep and screaming.

Then everyone got in on the action, Jason Ribbink caught a few wide-deep ones before stroking into a late breaking monster. Twiggy had some absolute screamers and John caught a late, steep mad drop. Sick beyond your wildest dreams of sick.

Greg Long consistently took off on the bigger waves and kept his count ticking over. John Whittle got close with his last wave – maniac drop, but it was too little to late and the 20 year old madman from San Clemente California won it.

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