Red Bull Big Wave Africa 2002

  • Dungeons, Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
  • June 11 – 30, 2002

Amber alert for 2002 Red Bull Big Wave Africa!

A huge weather system covering most of the South Atlantic ocean is predicted to generate swells between 15 and 20 foot in height and has prompted the organisers of the 2002 Red Bull Big Wave Africa extreme surfing event to put the 18 invited athletes on standby for a possible start on Friday morning.

The pressure in the centre of this weather system dropped to an incredible 930mb on Wednesday, approximately 2000 sea miles SW of Dungeons, the deep water reef under the towering cliffs of the Sentinel at the mouth of Hout Bay that produces the biggest rideable waves on the African continent.

With swells moving at over 100kph across the ocean, the first waves from this storm are expected to reach Dungeons on Friday morning in the form of 15 – 20 foot peaks, 19 seconds apart, generating waves with 30 – 40 foot faces as they rear up and break into the icy, kelp infested water.

“It looks like a perfect long range swell for the event”, says Gary Linden, the San Diego, USA, based contest director who has successfully run big wave tournaments around the world, including the last two Red Bull BWA 2000 events. “The unusually long period between the swells will produce waves with greater power and size than is common and the swell continues into Saturday so we’ll have two bites at the cherry, so to speak.”