Bruce Brown’s films have inspired us all, and the crown jewel of his body of work, “Endless Summer” will always be seen as the greatest surf film of all time. It’s through this legacy of that Brown touched so many lives, and the passion that Brown had for surfing translated seamlessly through the big screen, leaving every viewer with a desire to wax up and paddle out. Below are just a few of the many reactions that fellow surf icons had to the news of Brown’s passing and the way that he touched their lives and molded their views on surfing.

Thanks Bruce. RIP🙏🏽 . . . . . 📷 @scottsoens

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Rest In Peace Bruce Brown an inspiration to so many.

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Rest In Peace to The Godfather of stoke and soul Bruce Brown. #brucebrown #endlesssummer @brucebrownfilms as seen on @dahui8o8

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RIP Bruce Brown. Bruce made films The Endless Summer, Slippery When Wet, On Any Sunday, and Barefoot Adventures and Surfing Hollow Days. I first met bruce when I was 20. My first surf film Riding Waves won an an award at a film festival in Park City, Utah and he came up to me and said, "kid, you won this award because you are young, next time win because you are good." And with a wry smile he walked away. After a couple more drinks he talked to me about filming and traveling. I asked if I should go to film school and he said it was a scam. He also said, "before doing anything on a film- filming, editing, whatever… always ask yourself what's the point? You'll save yourself a lot of time and money that way." @brucebrownfilms

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