SAN DIEGO-June 4, 2002-Poor Specimen producer Ren Messer collaborated with the UPN TV show “Ultimate Revenge” to play a prank on the stars of the upcoming Poor Specimen release, “The Drive Thru: The California Coast. ” Greg Browning, Tim Curran, Donavon Frankenreiter and Sean “Barney” Baron were caught on camera in one of the largest, most ridiculous, over-the-top pranks “Ultimate Revenge” or Ren has ever attempted.

Unable to give too many details until the show airs this fall, Ren would only say it involved models from Perfect Ten Magazine, Browning’s credit card, an RV, and an act of God. Poor Specimen plans to include bonus material of the whole grisly incident on “The Drive Thru” DVD, due out early this fall. Greg Browning continues to shake his head in dismay, and Donavon and the boys have vowed revenge on their producer. Said Tim Curran, “Oh, it’s ON.”