Wave of Compassion: Wave of Compassion Opens Up One More Slot on Dream Boat Trip

If you visited the Wave of Compassion website in July and tried to make a donation you might have received an error message stating our account was “offline.” If this was you, we apologize, but there is a reasonable explanation.

Regrettably, during this time, we were inundated with $500 transactions from stolen credit cards by a modern day internet Robin Hood. All in all, that might not seem like the worst thing that could happen but it was. Besides causing a logistical nightmare to get the situation resolved and $20,000 back into honest people’s accounts our inability to process legitimate donations has probably been a frustrating experience for some of the 3,000 people who visited our site during that time and attempted to make a donation to enter to win the grand prize trip.

Our loss might be your gain. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance and the loss of three valuable weeks of fundraising time we’ve decided to auction off one more space on the Wave of Compassion trip to the highest bidder. If you’re interested in securing a spot on the Wave of Compassion October boat trip and would like to make a bid please e-mail event coordinator, Anthony Marcotti at info@mentawaiislands.com or call 714.478.2487.

The grand prize winner and the highest bidder in the auction will be announced September 11, 2004 at the Liquid Nation fundraiser party benefiting Surf Aid.

Please visit www.waveofcompassion.org for more information. With your support – everybody wins!

Wave of Compassion Monthly Prizes:

With the help and support of Surfer Magazine, Surfline, Surfshot, and the Surfer’s Path Magazine: Surf Aid International is proud to announce the first set of prize winners in our “Wave of Compassion” monthly prize giveaway. We’ve had a tremendously positive response from people all over the United States, your generosity and participation in the Wave of Compassion Dream Boat Trip Sweepstakes is definitely appreciated! This July we gave away the following items:

-25 Surf Aid International T-shirts
-5 Surfer Magazine one year subscriptions
-5 Surfline premium membership subscriptions
-2 Surfshot premium membership subscriptions
-2 Surfer’s Path magazine subscriptions

Congratulations to all of our winners and special thanks to Surfer Magazine, Surfline, Surfshot, and the Surfer’s Path for allowing us to give away such cool prizes.

Our next set of monthly prizes before we choose a grand prize winner for the trip is shaping up to be another classic. Once again we’re giving away five Surfer Magazine subscriptions, but the rest of the items are brand new. Here’s a quick look at our monthly prizes for August.

-Travel Gear from FCS
-Indo Surf N Lingo books compliments of Peter Neely
-Quiksilver Gift Pack
-Billabong Gift Pack
-Reef Gift Pack
-Autographed “Wave of Compassion” t-shirt signed by the top female surfers in the world: Lisa Andersen, Keala Kennelly, Megan Abubo, Rochelle Ballard, Sofia Mulanovich, Chelsea Georgeson, and Melanie Bartels
-“In the Beginning” gicle painting by San Diego artist Cameron Aldrich
-Signed Mentawai photos courtesy of Brian Nevins
-25 Surf Aid International T-shirts

For more information about our monthly prizes or information about the grand prize, all expense paid trip with Strider Wasilewski, Ben Bourgeois, David Rastovich, Jason Bogle, and Surfer Magazine on a surf/cultural expedition to the Mentawai Islands for 10 days please visit www.waveofcompassion.org . Good luck!