Padang Padang Cup On High Alert For Thursday

Giant SW swell tracking toward Bali

Indo’s televised barrel fest could start in a few days, as event organizers have upgraded the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang to “High Alert” status and could run the event as early as Thursday, July 27th thanks to a long-period SW swell barreling (get it?) toward Bali.

The latest forecast is reportedly calling for 8-to 12-foot faces on Friday, with potential for larger sets to roll through, though organizers are prepared for an earlier start date on Thursday if the swell peaks early. The conditions are expected to hold through Saturday.

A mid-sized swell late last week teased the possibility of running the comp, but it was decided that Padang Padang could probably go a touch higher than sets of 5-foot sheet glass. “That’s the beauty of a month-long waiting period in prime swell season,” said Mega Semadhi in a press release. “We can take our time and wait for the perfect swell. We’re in no rush.” Instead, an expression session took the main event’s place, where a group of the Indonesian surfers like Mega and Garut Widiarta warmed-up for the event by trading beautifully backlit tubes.

A quick recap on the details of the main event: 16 surfers — 8 Indonesian surfers, and 8 international surfers, chosen from the invite list on a first-come basis — will get barreled off their head for the one-day competition, which only gets the green light if organizers agree that the swell will provide the best possible conditions within the month-long event window. Waves not good enough? They won’t run it. Selectivity is the prized value here.

Speaking of selectivity, how about this year’s invitees?

International Surfers:

Tom Curren
Mason Ho
Damien Hobgood
Bruce Irons
Kai Otton
Bruno Santos
Clay Marzo
Jack Robinson
Jacob Willcox
Ryan Burch

Indonesian Surfers:

Bol Adi Putra
Raditya Rondi
Mega Semadhi
Rizal Tandjung
Pepen Hendrik
Garut Widiarta
Lee Wilson

You can watch the event live on both the WSL‘s and Rip Curl‘s website. Could we actually be in store for two pumping WSL-sanctioned events in a row?