…SOMEWHERE AWESOME: Rip Curl Lights Up Lido Theatre For …Somewhere Premiere

If you were there when the lights dimmed in the Lido Theatre Thursday night for the premiere of Rip Curl's Somewhere…, you might have felt the sensation that you had somehow slipped a few decades back in time. So raucous was the audience, it felt like I imagine a first showing of one of those '60s surf classics would have been – the kind of premiere you've heard stories about: a beer in every hand, people spilling into the aisles; cheers, hoots, occasional screaming.

Then the screen lit up with Mick Fanning boosting a fat air, and any feeling of being in the past was replaced in an instant with utter excitement and the deafening cheers of the audience.

Watch the trailer here!

Prior to the screening, Rip Curl hosted a pre-party at its nearby headquarters. With a DJ pumping out jams, an open bar manned by hotties making their drinks stiff, the walls decked out with surf memorabilia, and a room showcasing blown-up photos from the 10 locations featured in Somewhere… – it's no wonder everybody was so fired-up when the film began to roll.

Tons of free stuff was given out, including shirts, scuzees, and small green rubber hands that were great for slapping the unsuspecting partier.

Somewhere…, as everyone present will attest, lived up to its hype. It begins in the cold waters of Chile, then gets colder with the segment many suspect took place in Norwegian ice, the latter, with its mellowness and classical music, left the rowdy audience somewhat less rowdy. Next up was Adam Blakey's Angry section, featuring Australia rock legend Angry Anderson. Blakey himself summed it up: "Half the shit Angry says almost gives you goose bumps it's so spot on."

Angry wasn't the only one who was "spot on" Thursday night; Rip Curl joined him by throwing a bash for the books. So if you couldn't catch the premiere, then do yourself a favor and find out when it's coming to a theatre near you. You'll be plotting Search missions of your own in no time.