The Riverboat Gamblers Discuss Thier Latest Album And World Domination

Music may be one of the most influential variables in affecting the success of a surf session. Sure, the tide and wind both play important roles in a session’s temperament, but you can’t control those things; you can control what you listen to. And sometimes it can control you, too. That’s why it’s important not to let those torturous radio singles get stuck on repeat while trying to absorb down-moments in the lineup.

For those who like to rock and hope it translates in the water, The Riverboat Gamblers newest release, Underneath The Owl may just provide the perfect soundtrack for your next session. With plenty of catchy, punk rock to drain from the stereo into your brain, The Gamblers have crafted quite the album. From a driving start to its climactic finish (aptly titled Victory Lap), we sat down with Volcom’s signature rockers to get the scoop on their latest album, and find out what makes these guys tick.

First off, if there were one driving message you'd like listeners to come away with after listening to your new album, what would it be?

Listen to it, take in. Drop you’re preconceived notions about parameters of life. Be mad, but also be happy.

There's some pretty strong imagery in the name "The Riverboat Gamblers." Where did your band name come from? Did you ever live on a river boat, gambling for life?

It’s kind of the idea of drifting and living off of skill and luck at the same time. The idea of roaming versus the idea of nice suits. It was also a reaction to some particularly flowery names that were going around when we started the band. It seemed reactionary to the strip mall suburbia we were living in…

A lot of music critics call your live show something to be proud of. What do you have to say about a live Gamblers show?

We try and put on an old fashioned show while not putting on any choreography. Fun, yet, intense is what we’re going for.

Do you guys surf or skate?

Well, we’re landlocked, but surfing fathered skateboarding, which has had a strong influence on us. We still get out our skateboards and kick around from time to time. But the new tricks have far, far surpassed me. Kids are sick these days. They are out of the womb amazing

Musically, I heard a lot of punk and thrash on early skateboard videos.

If you were going to have to live on an island with a stereo for the next ten years what five CDs would you bring?

Ohhh….damn. That’s tough.

Rocket From the Crypt: Circa Now
Scared of Chaka: Masonic Youth
Wu-Tang Clan: Enter The 36 Chambers
The Shins: Chutes Too Narrow
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Soundtrack

What's next for the Gamblers?

Tour… write more songs. World domination. Seriously…we are gonna put the rock game in a choke hold.

Check out The Riverboat Gamblers album Underneath The Owl on iTunes: Riverboat Gamblers - Underneath the Owl.