Round 1 Comes To An End

The results are in and Round of 32 is in the history books. For some it was a cakewalk to victory (Dane Reynolds), while for others it was a nail-biter that would come down to the final minutes, as the competitors used Facebook statuses, Tweets, and blog posts in their race to gather votes. But in the end, it doesn't matter how you get the winyou just need to win.

A couple bloggers got off to a slow start, but the best came out on top. Young Wise Tails pulled off the come-from-behind win over the originals bloggers, The Goods Life. Young Wise Tail creators/brothers Conner and Parker Coffin proved the Coffin brothers are the now. And despite being without Internet connection for several days, Anastasia Ashley used her strong Twitter following to get the victory over Centaur creator, Sterling Spencer. Sterling, at a loss of how to gain votes, quickly did what anyone would do—put his face on Anastasia's body, then posted it on his blog.


One of the more surprising victories was Follow The Fish creator, Paul Fisher, taking the win over In Surf News blogger and World Tour competitor Fred Patacchia. "I thought I had no chance in hell…he gets like 30K people a week on his blog," said a shocked Paul Fisher.

In the 3 Slobs vs. The Three Tree heat, the Gudauskas brothers proved they're the number one triple-combo in blogosphere. And still remaining superior, despite the fact that blogger Lewis Samules has not posted a new entry since last September, PostSurf took down the current ringleader of surfing's debauchery, Nugable.

Will Dane Reynolds' no-show heat strategy pay-off? Will PostSurf resurrect from the dead for a chance at victory? Or will Anastasia's strong Twitter following shut down the remaining competition? Stay tuned to find out, as voting for Round 2 kicks off Monday July 12.

Round 1 Results:

Heat 1– Marine Layer def. SURFER 93% to 7%
Heat 2 – PostSurf def. Nugable 60% to 40%
Heat 3 – Joel Parkinson def. Mick Fanning 67% to 33%
Heat 4 – Dooma's Rumors def. Daily Stoke 56% to 44%
Heat 5 –Anastasia Ashley def. Centaur Blog 52% to 48%
Heat 6 – Surfy Surfy def. World Pro Surfers 78% to 22%
Heat 7 –Transworld Surf def. ESPN 78% to 22%
Heat 8 – Josh Kerr def. Julian Wilson 59% to 41%
Heat 9 –The Three Tree def. 3 Slobs 53% to 47%
Heat 10 –Follow the Fish def. In Surf News 72% to 28%
Heat 11 –Dion Agius def. Steph Gilmore 65% to 35%
Heat 12 – Young Wise Tails def. The Goods Life 53% to 48%
Heat 13 – Stab def. Surfing 73% to 27%
Heat 14 –The Surfer's Journal def. The Brobot Report 62% to 38%
Heat 15 – def. Arctic Surf 61% to 39%
Heat 16 – Swaylocks def. Hydrodamica 61% to 39%