Today at J-Bay was a perfect example of what the World Tour is all about. You see, for the majority of us viewers the real draw, and what keeps us drooling at our computer screens all night, is the mind-numbing perfect surf. Faced with the daily grind and so-so surf at our local break, we become mesmerized with every perfect wave peeling down the point. The surfers are interchangeable and every surfer's biggest challenge is to perform equal to the quality of the surf. Any mistakes out there and you stand to be crucified by internet critics across the world⎯all of which surely mind-surfed the wave to perfection.

Who matched the quality of the surf today? Surprisingly or not, if you compare today’s conditions to some of the junk heats so far this year, it was guys who have struggled to get results in 2010. In the first three heats alone, Adam Melling, Andy Irons, and Nate Yeomans all excelled. Andy came out of the gates blazing⎯scoring a 7.5, and as his heat went on he looked more and more like the 3-time World Champ. For Melling and Yeomans, who had three 33rds, it’s now or never if they have any chance in hell of seeing the second half of the season.

Then there’s the obvious stars. Dane attempted to throw his heat away, but still found himself on his board long enough to post two big scores. Bobby, Jordy, Kelly, Taj, Kelly, and Mick were all perfect, as perfect as the surf, and that’s what we should expect from 2010’s group of World Title contenders.

Now, hopefully, these idyllic conditions persist long enough for us to get our fill of J-Bay, as we simultaneously view some smoking heats to witness this year's lucky winner. Go get some sleep now all you fiends out there⎯myself included of course.

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