Welcome back to The People’s Board Review, a board test series in which we enlist working-stiff, relatable rippers to give us feedback on the latest surfboard models in dims you can find right there in the rack at your local surf shop. For this review, we put four RS Surf Co. models in the hands of four surfers of varying sizes and board preferences and took them down to fairly average California beach break on a peaky, head-high day. The boards included the “El Bandido”, a performance blade with training wheels; the “Musubi”, a squished-down shortboard with a curvy outline; the “Love Capsule”, a fat and flat small-wave ripper; and the “Low Love”, a high-performance blade meant for juicy surf.

Here’s what you need to know about the “Love Capsule”, the model all testers agree is one of the fastest they’ve ever put under their feet:

The Gist:
While this voluminous groveler is capable of warp speeds through flat sections in gutless waves, getting it to turn in more powerful pockets can be tricky, making this a specialized board for conditions that normally require a lot of effort to surf. All four of our testers agreed that this flat, pill-shaped quad would rule in the small stuff, or at a long, soft point like Malibu or Scorpion Bay. But that’s not to say there aren’t some merits to the design even in steep beach break conditions, which is where we tested it. Tester #2 (5’11”, 215 lbs.) rode the “Love Capsule” in 6’0” x 19.8” x 2.8” 37.42 L, and said that it felt just right. “If you’ve had a breakfast burrito, and you’re feeling a little slow, this is the board right here — it’s all love. I’d definitely prefer it at a wave with some length of ride, but I can tell it’s a good board.” All four testers rode this craft with traditional polyurethane foam construction, although RS also offers this board in epoxy.

Speed: 9.6/10
Two of our testers gave “Love Capsule” 10 for speed, and the others gave 9.5, so you know it’s a rocket ship. Tester #1 (5’9”, 150 lbs.) rode the “Love Capsule” in 5’6” x 19.5″ x 2.7″ 30.39 L, which is much more volume than his standard 26 L shortboard, and he could feel how the extra foam translated to extra speed. “It’s one of the fastest surfboards I’ve ever stood on,” Tester #1 after a few laps. “Never thought I’d say this, but it’s honestly too fast, at least for these conditions. I would love to ride this model around 25 L or 26 L at a wave like Malibu, where it’s soft and you’re staying in the pocket and flying through flat sections.”

"Love Capsule" by RS Surf Co.
Photo Credit: Grant Ellis
“Love Capsule” by RS Surf Co.

Frontside Maneuverability: 7.1/10
All four testers agreed the “Love Capsule” worked better going frontside, and it makes sense: the “Love Capsule” is a voluminous craft best surfed over the front foot, down-the-line, and above the water—all of which is easier while facing the wave. Tester #3 (5’8”, 175 lbs.) rode the “Love Capsule” in 5’6” x 19.5″ x 2.7″ 30.39 L, and said the boards height and volume felt perfect for milking small south swells in California for all they’re worth. “I would ride something like this in the summer when it’s all lefts and I’m going frontside,” said the goofy-footer. “But it’s not really that conducive to backside surfing.”

Backside Maneuverability: 5.6/10
As mentioned, the testers felt that the “Love Capsule” was a bit tricky to maneuver on their backhand in the steep, dumpy conditions on hand, which left some of the testers considering the possibilities on other kinds of waves. “Give me this board in a small left point and I’ll probably have a different opinion on about how it feels on my backhand,” said the regular-footed Tester #1.

"Love Capsule" by RS Surf Co.
Photo Credit: Grant Ellis
“Love Capsule” by RS Surf Co.

Paddling: 8.8/10
Of all four RS Surf Co. boards tested on this day, none earned the same level of consensus on all of the criteria from the testers: It flies down the line, works better frontside than backside, and it blissfully paddles like a longboard. “This is a good board to get the confidence levels up,” Tester #2 told us.

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