SUPER NEWS: Ry Craike Joins SUPER Surfboards

In a power move akin to Voltron, SUPER has added Australian master blaster Ry Craike to its already epic squad. And with the ink still wet on the contract, word is Ry is already on his way to the Gold Coast of Oz to meet up with Clay, Kolohe, Dion and Tosh for some heavy shredding and filming for the upcoming SUPER MOVIE. Also, the boys are set to have a highly sick party at the Calypso Bar in Coolingatta, Feb. 24, all night, to launch their brand in Australia and celebrate the new addition to their team.

"I can't wait to go on more trips with Ry," says Clay Marzo. "Every turn he does is so nuts; watching him surf really makes you think anything is possible."

"Ry is a natural guy for SUPER: he's already turned up to 11 but he wants to go to 20," says Dion Agius. " I saw some of his stuff for Campaign 3 and it's just sick! So, naturally we couldn't be happier to have this dude representing our squad."

Says Ry: "I'm just stoked to be a part of this progressive young team and to have a lot of input at all levels. The boards look sick and they go amazing so I don't think it will be long before SUPER is one of the top surfboard brands out there".

SUPER is a rider-driven company. We design and test our boards with the utmost of shredding in mind. Look for our whole line, including the Ry Craike "Master Blaster" model, in all ripping shops soon!