Sacred Craft Returns to Del Mar

The semi-annual surfboard expo comes to North County this weekend

The Sacred Craft has the innate ability to turn our focus back to what truly matters: the boards themselves. Photo: Ellis

It's time once more for fans of the growing consumer surfboard expo to mingle with some of the great craftsmen of our time, and possibly walk away with a new wave-riding device shaped by those talented individuals.

The Sacred Craft will be returning to the Del Mar fairgrounds on October 8 and 9, where surfers will peruse a foam and fiberglass buffet of new and old designs, as well as enjoy the various live demonstrations. Carl Ekstrom will lead a panel of judges in assessing a live shaping competition between Matt Biolos, Tim Bessell, Ryan Burch, George Gall, Wayne Rich, and Daniel Thomson as they attempt to create the best asymmetrical surfboard they can. Surfers will also be able to receive free ding repair (after the $10 entry fee, of course) courtesy of Solarez, which you can book a time slot for here. For any self-proclaimed surfboard collectors, the expo will feature a Roadshow style panel of expert appraisers to help you discern if your old board is a Duke Kahanamoku original handshape, or just an old, battered fence post.

All patrons of the Sacred Craft will also receive a free one-year subscription to the world's finest surf publication.

Click here for more information, or check out our gallery from the Sacred Craft in Santa Cruz last March.