Santa Snags a Session at Pismo Pier

As I mentioned in my initial post, 2008 has been a tough year for Santa.

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And whenever I'm having a tough day at the office, I like to head out to my favorite surf spot and burn off a little steam.

Problem being it's pretty icy in the North Pole this time of year, and I can only stand to surf for an hour or so before frostbite kicks in and my long white beard turns into a long white icicle. So when I decided to spend the week before Christmas vacationing in San Luis Obispo County, you knew I was going to spend a lot of time in the water (your 50-degree water temps are twice as warm as our summers up north).

Well, today was the day we've all been waiting for as Santa was able to ditch his 6/5 wetsuit and bask in the sunny breaks at Pismo Pier.

And while the jolly, red-suited one endured some harsh stares from the locals, I think I held my own in the lineup on this day. And for those two groms who cut Santa off today, welcome to my naughty list. Yeah, you know those two Stoneman surfboards you were asking for this Christmas? You might want to look on eBay, 'cause you ain't gettin' them from me.

The conditions were small today, and Santa left his longboard at home, but I was able to catch a few ankle slappers on my fun-shaped Becker – despite being weighed down by my waterlogged suit.

Hope everyone on the pier enjoyed the show, because I surely enjoyed "the stoke" and am certainly re-energized for my big night on Christmas Eve.

I still have a couple more days to enjoy the "SLO Life," and a massive swell is set to hit the Central Coast midweek, so if your presents are a little late you know why.

Blame it on the surf.