Save Trestles Again

OC Board of Supervisors oppose push to make Trestles a historical landmark

The stretch of coast from Uppers to San Onofre is one of the most iconic in all of California. Photo: Lowe-White

Trestles and its surrounding breaks have obviously had a big impact on surfing in California, which is why the Surfrider Foundation is pushing for the stretch of coastline from Uppers to San Onofre to be added to the National Register of Historic Places. Joining the registry would mean additional protection for the area against any detrimental change, be it a toll road or some other form of imposing development.

The county is against adding Trestles to the list, and the Chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, John Moorlach, has been vocal in his opposition. "I'm having a tough time swallowing the request to make Trestles a member of this effort to preserve national treasures," says Moorlach on his blog. "I'm a fan of the Surfrider Foundation, but my cynical side tells me the application is a cute move to avert a connection with the I-5 Freeway and the toll road system."

To prove that he isn't the callous villain in this debate, Moorlach assured the public that he respects California historical landmarks, and has even gone so far as to take photos of many of them. "If you sincerely wish to see my seven or eight albums, I will be more than happy to show them to you," Moorlach offers.

On February 8, the debate will go to the State Historical Resources Commission who will decide whether or not Trestles' nomination will move forward. Click here for more information.