San Diego Week: Quiksilver California Cup 2005

San Diego sends Los Angeles Arc Angels back to losers’ corner

Thursday, April 21st – Thursday morning on the South Side of the Oceanside pier the San Diego Sea Lions delivered a shellacking to the Los Angeles Arc Angels beating them 94.75 to 75.5. In the fun aist to chest high surf Rob Machado and Taylor Knox predictably went to town on the crossed up peaks delivering solid blows to the Arc Angels. Machado with his Zen like grace scored two 7.75s and Knox with his power gouges and brutal round houses posted a strong 8.25, "Those are the kind of scores that I like to post every time that I paddle out, I had some bad luck with waves, but we're all out there together in the same waves, so it's a level playing field".

But it was shredder Che Stang who took full advantage of the crossed up peaks hammering the last nail in the coffin with the highest quarter score of an 8.5, and he was rewarded with not only with Surfer Mag's best maneuver but also the Game MVP. L.A.'s performance wasn't totally uninspiring; Alex Grey's solid gaffs and boosting air reverses earned him the two highest scores for the Arc Angles with a 7.75 and a 6.75. They also set some NSL records; lowest quarter total and lowest wave score. Shaun Burrell was overheard joking in the water "At least we made a record."

San Diego is now looking to sweep the remainder of Games in the Sea Lions Series, but have 3 strong rosters to contend with. The Sea Lions go against 4 and 1 Santa Cruz and a the star studded Ventura Pelicanos and Orange County Octopus.

The NSL is the sport of surfing's equivalent of the NBA, MLB and NFL. NSL's mission is to build a unique surfing league dedicated to the pursuit of surfing excellence and generating consumer awareness for the sport, while creating a fun, competitive format for all types of surfers. The 2005 Quiksilver California Cup continues to stop number 3 at San Diego's Oceanside Beach for the San Diego Sea Lions Game Week, April 20th-24th.

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