If you're a woman (or buying a wetsuit for a woman) and are looking for a new piece of rubber to wear during this transitional period between summer and fall, you might want to do yourself a favor and check out Seea's new line of long johns.

If you tend to get cold easily (like yours truly), you might be hesitant in believing a long john could truly keep you warm well into September. I felt the same way too, until I tried Seea's new Yulex 2mm Long Jane the other week. Normally when I wear sleeveless suits, I usually have to keep myself busy to avoid getting cold (much to the annoyance of everyone in the lineup). This suit, however, was so warm in the core and legs that I felt fine sitting between lully sets.

Seea's been making flattering, vintage-inspired suits and rashguards for women for a while now—popular among the stylish women loggers who frequent San O—but they recently came out with a line of spring suits and long johns constructed from Yulex—you know, the natural, plant-based rubber Patagonia is always going on and on about? Same thing here.

According to Seea, for the past few years, their production team has been working towards replacing all of their swimwear fabric (typically nylon/spandex and poly/spandex) with recycled fabric alternatives in an effort to make less of an impact on the environment. And as they started designing a long john, Yulex seemed like the best material to use as a substitute for neoprene–mainly because it's strong, flexible, warm and (bonus points) less CO2 is emitted during the production process.

Beyond the commendable move towards sustainability, Seea’s also done well with the design. The brand has always done a great job at complimenting the female form with their rashies, but it's nice to see a wetsuit designed by women, for women. Amanda Chinchelli (founder and designer of Seea), wanted to make a long john that didn't look like a men's suit. So they added darts (a sewing technique used to bring fabric in at the waist) to fit snuggly and retro color blocking to add a feminine look.

The suit also features a cool front snap on one side, meant mainly for easy changing, but it also does away with stretching out the neck area and, more importantly, it does away with a zipper and/or Velcro, both of which will, at some point, rip out your hair if it gets stuck.

I highly recommend you try out this suit. If you’re interested in giving it a go, get one in your size here.