Series of Shark Attacks in Hawaii

Two Non-Fatal Attacks Occur in One Day in the Islands

Teeth punctures litter the deck of the Kauaian surfer's board after his encounter with a shark yesterday.

It’s been reported that there were two shark attacks in Hawaii yesterday. Around 8 am, on the West Side of Kauai at a break known as Davidson’s, a surfer had his board bitten by a shark estimated to be between 8 and 10-feet long. Although it’s not certain, a report on Hawaii News Now states that a tiger shark could have been responsible for the attack. The surfer was said to be waiting in the lineup between sets when the shark attacked the tail of his board. Following the attack, the group of surfers paddled in and reported the incident. Thankfully, the surfer was uninjured but city and county officials opted to close down Davidson’s beach as a precaution.

At nearly the same time on Maui, a diver was attacked and bitten by a shark while participating in a diving tournament off the Waiehu Golf Course. The victim, a 30-year-old man of Kahalui named Mark Riglos, suffered “severe lacerations” to his right ankle and was taken to the hospital. According to Riglos, the shark was estimated to be a 15-foot tiger. The injury is reportedly not life-threatening. In response to the attack, officials closed the area near the attack at Waiehu Beach Park.