Not sure if you’ve been watching the U.S. Open this week or not, but boy have the waves been less than stellar. Which makes the air above–landed by Hawaiian Seth Moniz earlier today during Round 5–all the more impressive. While sparring against Evan Geiselman in sub-par shorebreak, Moniz landed an inverted backside punt that’ll make you dizzy just watching. Moniz’s incredible air is cued up in the video above, just hit play.

“I took off on that wave and I was going to go for a full rotation but I miss timed it and I kicked my board out a little too hard,” said Moniz after his heat win. “I thought I lost my board mid-way. I felt it separate from my feet. As I was coming down I somehow caught my board with my feet. Sometimes when you land like that the white water pushes you off. But I don’t know everything just came together on that one.”

Needless to say Moniz, currently ranked #2 on the ‘QS, advanced through the round and is on to the quarters. Here’s to hoping Moniz will bring more of that above-the-lip spice to the final day of competition tomorrow and to each stop on the ‘CT next year.

Rewatch Moniz’s amazing backflip at the BSR Surf Resort in Waco, TX here.