Tavarua….perfect peeling Restaraunts, huge grinding
Cloudbreak….we hope. It’s hard to pick a solid team
when you never know what kind of waves you’ll get. The
weather map looked like it could go either way. I tried
to pick guys that would kill it no matter what the

Kills it at cloudbreak. His style suits the wave

With kelly a no-show, its a huge opportunity for
him to catch up and he knows it. I am expecting a win
out of him.

Has done well at Tavarua many times. Knows
exactly which waves to catch and just what to do.

If the waves are decent or better he will be
very hard to beat. Freakish backside technique.

Mick Lowe-
Solid and cheap.

Troy Brooks-
Has done well there before. Good wave
knowledge and very clever in heats.

Mickey Picon-
Hot and cold. Kind of a gamble. Surfs
great but needs to build some momentum.

Nathan Hedge-
Very talented in any left reefbreak,
and a dead serious competitor. He will come out swinging
and never give up.