19-year old surfer Nick Wapner was attacked by a shark at Sandspit Beach in Montana de Oro State Park near Los Osos, California on Tuesday, January 8th, according to The San Luis Obispo Tribune. The attack was not fatal and Wapner received 50 stitches near his ankle for the bite.

Wapner tells the story of his shark attack in the video above.

Here’s more from The Tribune:

At about 10 a.m. after about an hour in the ocean, Wapner said, a great white shark came up from beneath him as he paddled into position for an incoming set.

He didn't even see a splash.

"It all happened quickly, but I turned and saw that it had one of my legs in its mouth," Wapner said.

The shark thrashed and bit down on the lower part of his legs around his ankles in a skirmish that he estimates lasted a "full second," before Wapner kicked hard and wrangled himself free.

The experienced surfer said he didn't feel any pain initially as adrenaline shot through his body.

After releasing him, the shark turned in a flash, leaving Wapner with a lasting, haunting image of its entire head, massive jaws and beady eyes as it pivoted away.

Wapner told The Tribune that he estimates the shark’s size at around 15 feet long with an 18 inch dorsal fin.

Wapner is from Palos Verdes, CA, currently studies communications at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and has no intention to quit surfing after the terrifying encounter.

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