Shark Attack in Dubai?

Satellite view of Dubai's Umm Suqeim Beach.

Satellite view of Dubai's Umm Suqeim Beach. Photo: Google Maps


As surfers, when we hear about shark attacks, a few likely locales come to mind. Northern California. Western Australia. New Smyrna.

But, Dubai?

On January 27, 2010 Michael Geraghty, 54, of Sydney, Australia, was bitten while surfing at Umm Suqeim beach in Dubai. “I felt something yank me from the board,” Geraghty told 7DAYS Newspaper. “When I looked around I could see there was a lot of blood, but I didn’t feel anything at first. I assumed I’d caught my leg on some floating debris or junk.”

Geraghy was rushed to the hospital where doctors confirmed the cut across Geraghty’s foot was a shark bite. Luckily, after a few stitches Geraghty was on his way.

Shark attacks are already uncommon, but in Dubai they’re relatively non-existent – especially as the Gulf Aden and Arabian waters are heavily fished with shark fins frequently being sold to Asian Markets for upwards of $200 per pound. But sharks are a resilient bunch, and the occasional hammerhead, bull, or tiger still pops up in local waters. -Soren Heil