Shark Attack on the North Shore

Tiger shark attacks 28-year-old surfer on Oahu

A 28-year-old surfer was attacked by a shark yesterday on the North Shore of Oahu. The surfer, Joshua Holley, was surfing Leftovers when a tiger shark, estimated to be 10-feet long, tore into his left foot.

After the initial attack, the shark moved toward the nose of Holley's board. According to Holley, he remained calm and threw a few blows at the shark, striking him on the nose. After the volley, the shark swam away.

"I felt this unreal push on the left side of my body. It was like this popping sensation on my foot and I looked down to my left and I saw this huge dorsal fin," Holley said in an interview with HawaiiNewsNow. "Survival mode kicked in and I punched it really hard once and then twice…I didn't want to panic or go into shock or anything like that."

Following the attack, Holley paddled himself back to shore and was helped by two strangers on the beach.

At the hospital, Holley's wound—a deep laceration and two severed tendons in his foot—required 42 stitches. He was released from the hospital later that day but was scheduled for surgery today to reattach the severed tendons.

Following the attack lifeguards posted up warning signs at Alii Beach Park, Chun’s Reef Support Park, Ehukai Beach Park, Haleiwa Beach Park, Ke’Waena Beach Park, Laniakea Beach Support Park, Sunset Beach Park, and Waimea Bay Beach Park.