Shark Kills Surfer in Mexico

Wednesday, April 30, 2008–An American surfer from San Francisco bled to death on Monday after being attacked by a shark off of the coast of Mainland Mexico, according to numerous news agencies.

ABC News reported this morning that the 24-year old man was surfing near Ixtapa, Mexico with a friend when he was attacked by what is believed to be a Tiger shark. Other reports, citing a Mexican news agency, suggest that it was a Grey shark, not a Tiger shark. The surfer bled to death from a 15-inch gash to his thigh, according to the ABC report.

After the attack the injured man’s friend drove the surfer to a local hospital. He died soon after from blood loss according to news reports.

The surfers death comes just four days after the shocking news of a fatal Great White shark attack in the normally inviting waters off of San Diego, Ca.

Standby for more info as it becomes available.