Ah, bucolic Angourie, New South Wales. Remember the rolling, mist-covered hills of Morning of the Earth? No? Well, let me tell you, it looks like about the most tranquil zone on earth. Plenty of organic food and lots of right-hand points. And, now, we see, a shitload of great whites.

Laurie Towner, big-wave hellion, lives in Angourie, and took a break from his contented life, tiling, surfing and raising a fam to film a mess of whites absolutely macking on a whale carcass. So did his brother Hughie.

Normally, I'm not one to promote shark porn, but this—this is some next-level shark behavior. I can't help but watch. My vision of Angourie as a kind of Valhalla for surfers has been sullied, forever tainted by the knowledge of what lurks beneath.

Have a look yourself.

Crazy to see how much power these guys have!

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