Shea Lopez Breaks Down His Fantasy Surfer Picks Thus Far

Kelly Slater looked unstoppable in his heats thus far. Photo: Grant Ellis

Kelly Slater looked unstoppable in his heats thus far. Photo: Grant Ellis

My Fantasy Surfer team consists of Kelly, Fanning, Jordy, Owen, Dusty, Chris Davidson, Jadson Andre, and Brett Simpson.

Round Three started with Jadson Andre. Adriano started strong by putting on the pressure while Jadson looked a little edgy going against his good friend. Near the end, Jadson blasted a couple but it wasn’t enough. Adriano’s still the top Brazilian, but maybe not for long.

Chris Davidson surfed strong and on rail to win his heat. He looked smooth and in control at the ASP Banquet, so I put him on my team.

Welcome to the dream tour, Owen. A place where trying less can get you more.

Taj surfed average (for him) on two nice waves and Owen never put up a challenge.

Mick and Simpo was cruel. Cruel for the fact that Simpo at his age and experience, even though a rookie, and not to mention having Pat O’Connell and Ian Cairns on the beach to bark orders, was out to lunch. Certain strategies apply to help you beat every surfer on tour, and his wasn’t going to beat any of the Top 45, especially the World Champ.

Dusty got way behind against Parko (Rookies take note here, a veteran will try to put you up against the ropes early to see if you crumble). Dusty didn’t exactly crumble but never got back in the heat. His one good wave I was expecting to see fins fly, but it never happened.

Kelly had a great freesurf, picking off four fun waves and surfed them beautifully. His first wave would’ve been a 10 if he were on a board of substance. With every positive comes a negative, and that lively, light, and unstable board had a hiccup in the turbulence.

Jordy impressed me the most today. The odds stacked against him with a broken board and inferior waves. This heat would of went the other way the last couple years. For 2010, Jordy appears to have settled down and let his phenomenal surfing take over. Nobody has the blend of all things surfing should be like the Centaur (Sorry, Sterling, but Jordy actually looks like a Centaur).

That’s my team. Four down and four left. Kelly and Jordy in the next round could very well set the stage for the winner making a title run this year. – Shea Lopez