Shea Lopez Gets Patriotic For The Hurley Pro At Trestles

You're either going to love me or hate me. For this year's Hurley Pro at Trestles I am going Red, White, and Blue. I've said it before and I'll say it again, American surf fans are the least expressive of any nation. You better believe every Brazilian living within a three-hour drive will be at the beach cheering on Adriano and Jadson (both of them have a legitimate shot at claiming the win). And you can never forget the solid representation of Australian surfers (who cheer each other on enough to rival the Brazilian support) that are capable of sweeping the Final as Luke Egan and Mick Campbell did in 2002. Then there is Tiago Pires, and the entire country of Portugal holding its breath for every wave he rides. That's why, whether you are far away online or able to come down during the event, I encourage every American surf fan to show their support in any way possible. Showing my support, I chose a Fantasy Surfer team for the Hurley Pro that is made up of only American surfers.

Kelly Slater
Nobody has done more for surfing in America (or the world for that matter), and cheering for Slater is showing you appreciate everything he's done for the sport. Look forward to some very creative lines on the open walls of Lowers.

Taylor Knox
With the swell expected to fire, Taylor's power-hacks should make any lip tricks from the kids look insignificant.

Andy Irons
As you can see, my first three picks all have a ton of experience, base their surfing on power, and are really looking forward to some size for the comp. Andy at good Lowers should leave a path of destruction.

C.J. and Damo
Both will use their familiarity with the lineup and will mix power and flair to post some very impressive heat totals.

Patrick G.
Some of the combos he lays down at Lowers are untouchable. If he gets in a good rhythm during his heats you can expect the top seeds to be sent packing.

Dusty Payne
Hawaii is the 50th state, and Dusty is gnarly. We haven't seen Dusty surf to nearly his potential this year, but we also haven't seen him catch many good waves in his heats. If he gets on some quality waves next week, fins and spray will be flying in all directions.

Kolohe Andino
He's not a kid anymore (he's actually bigger than a lot of the guys on Tour now). His surfing is ultra-progressive, yet still based on burying the rail. If the judges don't underscore his turns (which they shouldn't), I could easily him creating major problems for the top seeds. If he can get a win to start the ball rolling, watch out.

The stars are all aligning for the Hurley Pro to be the best event of the year, so far. With the new format, new judging criteria, and perfect waves of Lowers, you don't want to miss any of the action.

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