FANTASY SURFER PRESENTED BY BOOST MOBILE Shea Lopez's Fantasy Surfer Picks and Behind the Scenes Info So what’s the forecast for the 2007 Rip Curl Pro Search Chile?

Shea: Chile is gonna be huge, hollow, and nobody on the WCT has ever surfed there before. My brother called me from Chile yesterday raving about the how much he likes the wave. He said it’s short, thick, and hollow. How’s your team shaping up? What are your predictions?

Shea’s predictions:

The Hobgoods: CJ will probably win or almost kill himself trying. Damo will do the same.

The Irons: AI and BI will destroy people.

Fred Pattachia: Freddy P. will be twitching to get a victory.

Joel Parkinson: Parko gets overlooked a little in the big, hollow stuff but he’s gnarly.

The K-Factor: Don’t really need to say anything about Slater.

Pancho Sullivan: Pancho. Despite the slow start, it’s his sponsor’s event, and he loves the big stuff. I’m sure he would love to get some flyweight WCT surfers in his heats.

Dean Morrison: Dingo is extremely dangerous when it’s hollow.

DARKHORSES: And for the wildcards, if Bruno Santos is in the event – get him; he’ll be dangerous. I’m sure there are some other wildcards that can mess up some WCT surfers in those conditions.

That’s not everybody that can do well there, but that’s who I feel is either unreal out there or dying for a big result. Or both.

Occy’s out and David Weare is in.
Peterson Rosa was offered Mick Campbell’s spot, but turned it down due to national commitments. Campbell’s spot will instead be awarded to the Second Place Chilean Trialist.

At the moment, there are now four WILDCARDS…

Two of which will be filled by Chilean Trialists. The remaining two spots will be awarded to Rip Curl surfers.

As for the swell…Check for the latest conditions from Chile.

Currently, the surf is between four and six feet, and looks to be improving.

There you have it. Words of wisdom from the Inaugural Fantasy Surfer Champ and up-to-the-minute contest information. Take notes and go make your teams!

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