Shimmer Premiere: Roxy Girls Heat Up Newport Beach

I'm not sure if it was the faulty air conditioning, the beautiful girls, or the non-stop surf action, but the Lido Theatre was definitely on fire Wednesday night. The a.c. might have had something to do with it, but the main reason was most likely the premiere of Roxy's new surf flick, "Shimmer". The theatre was packed to the brim with blond heads, mostly girls, all of whom were thrilled for the much-anticipated premiere. Roxy delivered in spades, getting the capacity crowd amped with tons of giveaways highlighted by a $1000.00 Roxy shopping spree.

While the atmosphere was festive, the film followed suit by showcasing the best of Roxy team members' surfing, personalities, and general lifestyles. Superstars Lisa Andersen, Sophia Mulanovich, Megan Abubo, and Kassia Meador were even on hand to usher in their new film for the Newport Beach crowd.

Four time world champion, Lisa Andersen, seemed pleased with the release, commenting, "It's been so long since the last video that I know everyone was psyched to see this. It's great to have another girl surf video come out to get younger girls excited to get out in the water."

Longboarding phenom and Roxy poster girl, Kassia Meador, agreed, "The premiere went awesome. So many people showed up. Everybody seemed really excited." When asked about the filming process, Meador responded, "Working with Sonny Miller was sick. He's one of best cinematographers out there, and all the girls just went out and had a good time, and it definitely shines through in the movie." Shimmer clearly portrayed the freedom and distinct progression of women's surfing with footage ranging from pros charging heavy Tahiti to young wahine, Carissa Moore getting technical in playful chest high smackers.

Cinematographer, Sonny Miller, echoed the same sentiments, claiming, "It's really great to work with all these girls, and we're trying to take it to the next level with footage that would otherwise never be seen. We're traveling around the world just trying to capture magic – and that's basically what Shimmer is." Magic seems like a rather abstract concept to embody the film, but the smiles, barrels, and beauty captured in "Shimmer" may approach the nebulous border between the real and the fantastic. Nobody walked away from the theatre empty handed, and "Blue Crush" may have finally been put to bed as the official mascot for the highly evolved state of women's surfing.

Shimmer is available in stores now.