Showdown at the Ranch

Hollister Ranch may be opened up for public access

For decades now, surfing the Hollister Ranch has been bucket list material for waveriders the world over. Classic setups like Razors and Little Drakes and Rights and Lefts have fueled daydreams for folks who fancy relatively uncrowded reeling right-handers in an idyllic countryside setting. Unfortunately, unless you have connections or a couple extra million dollars lying around to buy a parcel of land in the private Central California gated community, actually experiencing this said promised land has been all but impossible without breaking a holy host of trespassing laws.

However, times may soon be changing thanks to a long forgotten loophole that was created by the California Coastal Commission back in the early 1980s. In fact, should that stipulation hold up in the courts in the coming months, there is a solid chance that the California State Coastal Conservancy will have the right to install a public access trail that would connect the storied beaches of Hollister Ranch to the nearby Gaviota State Park for all to enjoy. Of course the people who call Hollister Ranch home are anything but keen to have their well fortified surfing reserve opened up for public consumption and, as such, have already started the legal process of challenging the legitimacy of the public access easement. --Ethan Stewart

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